Kai Kramer

Kai's passion for art started as a child, and has only steadily grown since. In addition to his work as a professional muralist and custom artist he is studying in the fine arts and has also apprenticed, traveled, and explored under and through many other artistic fields. This wide variety of experiences has gifted him a continued passion to explore and express, to bloom and seed, to paint - create - and connect the world through art. Art is a communicator and storyteller that is born from imagination and speaks inspiration. Through art your stories, dreams, aspirations, and inspirations can become realities of physical beauty to share.

"I feel art, of all its types, is expression. It is also how we tell, preserve, and share the stories we experience: helping build and strengthen who we are as individuals and community. This is one of the few universal languages that can relate to all, it is part of what being human is - our artistic selves; and when it is there we hear it. I want to inspire dreamers and share great stories. I want to be able to help remind anyone how beautiful life is; in all of its manners. Art is the way I know I can do this. I do not wish to only create my art, but I wish to hear people and tell all stories I can, I want to include any interested and possible in the art itself, and I wish to inspire all that I can to tell stories in what ways and loves they can. I wish to share art, our stories, ourselves; as a community." -Kai